Advanced Flooring Systems (AFS) installed a new hardwearing decorative flooring system for Macnaughton Blair in their new Lisburn store.

The latest project followed previous successful AFS engagements for Macnaughton Blair’s Belfast, Eglington, Ballymoney & the Isle of Man stores. Macnaughton Blair’s project requirements set demanded a new floor system that was both decorative, yet hard wearing for both foot and vehicle traffic.

After reviewing the specifications, AFS recommended a MPM Duroglass Flake System for the Macnaughton Blair project. AFS began by using their own in-house specialised surface preparation equipment. The concrete substrate was prepared using vacuum shot blasting and single head grinding to remove contaminants and help give a key for a new floor system to be applied.

Following preparation, AFS then applied MPM Duroglass FU Rapid primer coat over the prepared concrete substrate. A MPM Duroglass P5/4 screed was then hand troweled on, with decorative coloured flakes broadcasted into the screed. Finally, grout (Duroglass P51LV) and seal coats (Polistar Deco) were applied to protect the new floor and complete the project.

The new MPM Duroglass Flake floor system gives the client a not only a decorative floor, but also one that is hard wearing (to both foot and vehicle traffic) and chemical resistant – perfect for a major retail and distribution outlet like Macnaughton Blair.

Macnaughton Blair, Lisburn
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October 12, 2016


Macnaughton Blair


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