Floor Grinding

Advanced Flooring Systems (AFS) specialist and in-house surface preparation division, utlises the very latest floor grinding equipment on projects across the UK and Ireland.

What is Floor Grinding?

Floor grinders (also referred to as concrete floor grinders or concrete grinders) are used by AFS’s specialised surface preparation division.  AFS uses a range of floor grinders to on surface preparation in projects across the UK and Ireland.  Floor grinders are used to help clean and remove and containments such as paint, old floor systems, oil etc from floors.

Concrete grinders are also the ideal choice for repairing imperfections in concrete floors, slabs and walkways – helping to level our floors and removing any imperfections.

For many industrial and commercial flooring projects, floor grinding and professional surface preparation is vital to ensure project success. For this reason, it is important to utilise a specialist contractor who is able to ensure your floor is prepared correctly.

AFS surface preparation division utilises the latest and most advanced HTC and SPE floor grinders on our projects. We have a range of diamond head grinders which suit every small and large project, including:

    • Single head diamond grinders
    • Triple head diamond grinders
    • Four head diamond grinder
    • Range of hand-held and edging grinders

Why AFS?

AFS provide the complete surface preparation service across the UK and Ireland. As a specialist flooring contractor, AFS understand the importance of professional surface preparation and so usitlse our own in-house surface preparation division with access to all the latest preparation equipment on all our projects.

However we understand that some clients and projects only require surface preparation. So our specialised concrete grinding service is available for hire on projects right across Ireland and the UK. If you have a surface preparation requirement for projects in Dublin, to Cork to Belfast, London or Glasgow, AFS’s concrete grinding service is available to help you.

Hire AFS’ Floor Grinding Service

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