Surface Preparation

Advanced Flooring Systems provide the complete surface preparation to the Irish and UK market. Good surface preparation is an essential part of any new flooring installation. Contaminants such as oil and grease, chemicals and paint must be removed and surface defects and irregularities removed.

Before applying any flooring system, the correct method of preparation is essential to achieve a bond between the substrate and the new floor system. Advanced Flooring Systems ensure the correct method of surface preparation is carried out at the beginning of all our flooring systems.

To achieve this our highly trained Surface Preparation division utilise a wide range of in-house preparation equipment services including shot blasting, floor grinding, scabbling, scarifying and hot compressed air systems. Learn more and how you can hire our surface preparation services below.

Shot Blasting

AFS utilise the very latest shot blasting machines on projects across the UK and Ireland. Learn more about our specialist vacuum and open shot basting service.

Floor Grinding

From four, triple, single or even hand-held grinders, AFS have your floor grinding requirements covered. Learn more about our specialist floor grinding service.


When heavy concrete floor slab preparation is needed, AFS is ready with the latest and specialised floor scabblers. Learn more about our specialist floor scabbling service.


AFS utilises the very latest scarifying machines on projects across the UK and Ireland. Learn more about our specialist scarifying service.

Hot Compressed Air Systems

Contaminated floor or wall areas with oil or grease? AFS’ hot compressed air system makes quick work of such contaminants. Learn more about our specialist hot compress air systems service.

Surface Preparation

Our national ride on stripper removing an old hotspray car park system with ease.

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Advanced Flooring Systems
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