Joint Sealants

Many projects today require the installation and maintenance of joint sealants.

Joint sealants are used to help stop the deterioration of concrete slabs due to moisture salts, oils and general wear and tear of joint edges etc.

Installing joint sealants to your concrete slabs can help increase the life expectancy of your slabs.

Over the years Advanced Flooring Systems have completed many successful joint sealants installations for various clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

Our complete joint sealant service includes:

  • Repair of concrete edges if required
  • Removal of existing joints
  • Application of new joints sealants to both walls and floors
  • Our joint sealants applications can be installed to suit each industry eg chemical resistant, crack bridging etc

Further Information

To find out more about our Joint Sealants service or to obtain a free site survey please contact us.  Alternatively, have a look at our past projects section to view more details on our previous projects.

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