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Advanced Flooring Systems have been providing the UK & Irish market with industrial flooring solutions for over 10 years.

Our Industrial Flooring division are able to provide quality Epoxy Resin flooring and Polyurethane flooring systems, which are particularly suitable for industrial environments such as Food, Engineering, Warehousing, Healthcare, Aviation and many other industries where a hard-wearing, attractive floor finish is required. Properties such as anti-slip and enhanced chemical resistance can also be incorporated where necessary.

Advanced Flooring Systems use a wide range of resins from the major suppliers such as Sika, Flowcrete, Remmers and Larsens. This ensure that we can we can choose the correct supplier to suit your project!

In any Industrial Flooring project, surface preparation is key. This is why Advanced Flooring Systems use their own in-house surface preparation division which has access to all the latest vacuum assisted preparation equipment.

We would be pleased to provide you or your company with a free site survey, free specification and a free no-obligation quotation for any future work where you may feel seamless resin flooring can meet your requirements. All quotations include Health and Safety Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Data Sheets for the material specified

Common Industrial Flooring Systems

The chart below demonstrates the major properties of these materials, and should help when considering which to use.

Resin Type Abrasion Resistance Strength Chemical Resistance Advantages Disadvantages
Epoxy V Good V Good V Good Satisfactory for most applications Slow curing poor UV stability limited use in variable temperature
Polyurethane Excellent Good Excellent Fast setting & cheaper than epoxies Min pot life some formulations difficult to lay & high shrinkage
MIMA Excellent V Good Excellent Sets in minutes for low down time Solvent based pungent order and very difficuly to lay
Polyester Excellent V Good Excellent Sets in minutes for low down time Solvent based pungent order and high shrinkage

Further Information

To find out more about our Industrial Flooring services or to obtain a free site survey please contact us. Alternatively, have a look at our past projects section to view more details on our previous Industrial Flooring projects.

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