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Floor maintenance is an essential but increasing cost that is faced by many of today’s food and beverage companies. However, Advanced Flooring Systems can help your organisation significantly reduce these costs whilst also improving the overall floor quality.

Advanced Flooring System provide the UK and Irish markets with the complete industrial and commercial flooring packages. With our unrivaled industry expertise, we would like to offer your organisation a FREE no obligation floor survey.

Working for a large number of clients, including Coca Cola, Young Bluecrest Seafood, Linwoods, Diageo, Jollyes & Tesco, we have helped them not only reduce ongoing maintenance costs, but have also ensured their compliability with current health and safety and auditing standards.

A FREE Floor Survey from Advanced Flooring Systems will:

  • Help you lower floor maintenance costs
  • Help you comply with current health and safety
  • Help you identify potential issue and floor weakness
  • Help you identify any issues quickly; reducing future costs
  • Help you improve the longevity of your floor
  • Help you improve aesthetics of your floor

To help further underline our expertise, have a look at our recent case study for Bioshell Teoranta who, following our initial floor survey and onsite consultation, were able to reduce their long term floor maintenance and repair costs caused by high temperature pressure cleaning.

To take the first step in reducing YOUR floor maintenance costs and received your free floor survey, please complete the short below form.

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